JM Glass Co. is a local business based in Roselle Park, New Jersey. It is owned by lead artist and operator, Jacob Moskowitz.

Jake was raised in central New Jersey and discovered his passion for glass at a young age. At first pursing it through private lessons and art camps, Jake eventually set his first "shop" in his parent's garage during high school. After this, he knew this was the dream he wanted to pursue. Jake attended the Cleveland Institute of Art and graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Glass in 2011.

After college he moved back to New Jersey, working at different locations until buying an old machine shop and transforming it into a glass studio.  Most recently, he began working for Rutgers University as their lead scientific glass blower. This aspect of glass blowing has provided him with many different opportunities including being featured as one of the key presenters at the 2017 International Flame Working Conference hosted annually in Salem, New Jersey.

Through the years, JM Glass Co. has been transformed into a studio space where those interested in glass blowing can and have come to learn the trade. We are currently working on some shop renovations and hope to offer private lessons and group classes after the Summer.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


Facebook: JM Glass Co.

phone: 732 221 3967